2019 MWCA Mobile Communications Exhibition in Spain

  • Source: eahison
  • Date:02/28/2019
At the MWCA Mobile Communications Exhibition in Spain in 2019, Eahison exhibited its technical strengths including antenna technology application and product innovation, but at the same time, through the sample we brought, it also highlights the quality and stability of our products.
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The theme of this year's conference is “Smart Connect”, which will be presented and discussed around the fifth generation of mobile communication technologies (5G), artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data. Among them, multinational exhibitors including Chinese brands have exhibited 5G mobile phones, which has become the biggest highlight of this conference.
As it represents the future of the mobile communications industry, 5G technology has become the focus of the conference. Major exhibitors have launched new models supporting 5G at this conference. The first batch of 5G commercial handsets will also be launched this year to meet with ordinary consumers.
eahsion mwca 2019
The 5G era has arrived, 5G communication will bring a new experience to users, it has a transmission rate ten times faster than 4G, and the antenna system is proposed to be miniaturized, intelligent, active and integrated, multi-band, ultra-wideband, Multi-beam, Massive MIMO Antenna and other requirements.
We must work hard to improve the quality of our products that meet the needs of international customers,and let every corner of the world have a signal.
eahsion mwca spain
Multibeam Antenna Solution
The traditional stadium shaped antenna, the signal coverage area of a rectangular beam, the multi-beam field antenna, and the four rectangular beam coverage areas effectively solve the large-capacity,high-density coverage scene.
Street Coverage Antenna solution
Using the street existing street light rod body, add two directional antennas along the road cover, add three sectors directional antenna combination cluster community coverage, the overall antenna multi-band, small size, light weight (1.5Kg within). Effectively solve the problem of system expansion and environmental coordination.
Elevator Coverage Antenna Solution
Eahison's active integrated coverage solution integrates antennas and active device modules and is connected to an outdoor lead antenna to achieve low-cost signal coverage. It effectively solves signal coverage problems in buildings such as elevators and underground parking lots.

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