Baotou Unicom Guangdong Eahison Longbo lens Antenna Test Results Report

  • Source: eahison
  • Date:09/08/2020

1: Project Introduction:
Through the coordination and cooperation of the network optimization center of the district company, combined with the coverage analysis of thousands of residential communities and user complaints, the Baotou branch selected the base station of the new Unicom building to test the Longbo lens antenna. The original 4-port antennas were replaced in sectors 1 and 2 of the original base station with 8-port 4-lobe high-gain antennas on both sides, covering the Huali Family and Cao Xin communities respectively.The Huali Family is a mixed high-rise and low-rise residential area, with two rows of 11-storey high-rise buildings on the north side, and the rest are 6-storey buildings; Cao Xin community is all 6-storey residential buildings. Due to the denser buildings and the coordination of the construction of rooms in the early stage, they did not coordinate to enter the site. The local area coverage of the two communities is poor, and good results cannot be achieved by adjusting the surrounding macro stations.


2: Product introduction
2. In order to better enhance user perception and improve user satisfaction. To solve the problem of in-depth coverage, we will use Cao Xin Community and Huali Family as pilot projects. Replaced the low-gain plate antenna of FDD Unicom's new building with an 8-port four-beam lens antenna. The following is the new antenna pattern and antenna diagram:


3: Site construction situation
Through on-site communication with Guangdong Haixin antenna manufacturers, site site survey and plan confirmation, Guangdong Haixin Longbo lens antenna is an 8-port antenna, and the current China Unicom Huawei equipment is in 2T2R mode, so the antenna needs to be connected to 2 1800RRU and 2 2100RRU. The original FDD Unicom new building base station sector 1 and sector 2 each have 1 1800RRU and 1 2100RRU. This time it is necessary to add 1 1800RRU and 1 2100RRU in each sector again. The cell planning is based on the split antenna plan.
The installation time is on the afternoon of September 1, 2020. The picture above is the on-site photo after installation. The antenna hanging height is 30m.
The site officially added data at 9 am on September 2 and officially opened.


4:Test situation
On-site field coverage test will be conducted on the afternoon of September 2:

The Luxurious Family: The Luxurious Family is located at the intersection of Xinguang East Road and Minzu East Road. It covers an area of approximately 54,000 square meters and belongs to a high-end residential district in Kunming. Divided into high-rise, flat-floor and villa areas. There are 17 buildings in total. The sites involved are FDD No. 1 Mansion 3, FDD Unicom New Building Split Antenna 1, and FDDYD Baotou Kunqu Donghao Hotel Rooftop L.1,2.pici-05pici-06

After the replacement, the outdoor RSRP of the gorgeous family increased from -92.1dbm to -81.92dbm, and the SINR increased from 6.79 to 11.42. The download rate increased from 20.55Mpbs to 26.66Mpbs. The improvement was obvious.
2: Caoxin Community: Caoxin Community is located 50 meters west of the junction of Arding Avenue and Minzu East Road, mainly covered by FDD Unicom New Building 1, 4, 2. FDD Qingshan Development Zone Baixin Bathing Light Pole Station, south and east of the community The average RSRP of weak road coverage = -90.76dbm.


Indoor Test Comparison:




After the antenna is replaced, the overall RSRP is improved to 6dbm, and the SINR is improved by 1.3. The download rate is improved by 4Mpbs. The effect is more obvious.
Business volume:
By observing the changes in the indicators after activation, the indicators on August 30 and September 3 were extracted for comparative analysis, as follows:




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