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Eahison Antenna R&D team originated from the top R&D team of world-renowned companies. Antenna products include: multi-frequency multi-port base station antenna, multi-standard composite base station antenna, 5G active small cell antenna, multi-beam antenna series, stereo multi-beam antenna series, shaping antenna series, stereo shaping antenna series, beautifying antenna series, indoor distributed antenna series, repeater antenna series, base station antenna series, Longbo lens multi-beam antenna (2~ 48 beams).

The application of multi-beam antennas in special scenarios.
In large-scale sports venues, concert halls, exhibition halls, plazas, stations and other places where users are dense, conventional antennas cannot meet network requirements from coverage. The main problem is:
1. The spacing between stations is small, and it is easy to cover the area.
2. High frequency and large propagation loss.
3. The crowd is dense, the network capacity is insufficient, the signal is unstable, and the network capacity limits the user experience. The stereoscopic multi-beam antenna is used to effectively solve such problems.
The development trend of 5G antenna
In the 5G era of the Internet of Everything, there will be more and more applications such as smart city, driverless, intelligent manufacturing, VR, telemedicine, etc. The blueprint of 5G network is 100 times higher than 4G, which will reach 10 Gbit/s and less. Low latency of 1 ms, high density supporting more than 100 million connections and high capacity of 1 000 times 4G. Higher requirements for wireless networks, especially for densely populated areas.

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