China Information Communication Convention 2018

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  • Date:12/24/2018

Antenna and Radio Frequency Technology Professional Committee Inaugural Meeting

Early this month, the three major domestic operators obtained the 5G medium and low frequency test frequency license, which means that the 5G commercial curtain has been slowly opened. As an important part of 5G commercial use, the antenna acts as an exit and entrance for radio waves like the eyes and ears of a person. Mobile communication relies on the antenna to complete the network coverage. It can be said that the function and role of the antenna are irreplaceable.


Based on this, the "2018 5G Antenna and RF Technology Special Reporting Conference" organized by the China Communications Society was held in Chengdu. The leading antenna companies have in-depth discussions on the antenna requirements and solutions in the 5G era.

5G antenna meeting

5G communication is one of the main engines of global economic growth. It has an important significance for the overall development of the national economy and will drive the economic effect of the iterative amplification of the national economy. 5G commercial enterprises face problems such as spectrum, sky surface, steel, land and other resource utilization issues, and industrial upgrading of radio frequency technology after 5G frequency increase. In mobile communications, in order to effectively solve these problems, antenna and RF technologies need to achieve step-by-step innovation.

5G antenna conference

At the meeting, a number of experts expressed their views on the new demands and challenges faced by the antenna and RF technologies in the 5G era.

Multi-network collaboration in the 5G era, it is necessary to accelerate the innovation of small-scale integrated base stations and solve a series of problems such as the integration of different types of antennas.

It is a basic product with a pair of antennas for 2G, 3G, 4G and multi-band networks. There by fully improving the resources of the existing site and the utilization of the surface resources. In the next 10 years, China will enter the era of multi-network coexistence of 5G. Spectrum utilization, antenna sharing and antenna integration will be major issues.

5G antenna

As an antenna manufacturers, Eahison CEO and the industry experts discussed and analyzed,

High-density coverage of 5G networks covers problems encountered in special scenarios;

In large stadiums, concert halls, exhibition halls, squares, stations and other places where users are dense, conventional antennas cannot meet network requirements from coverage. The main problems are

  1. The spacing between stations is small, and it is easy to cover the area.

  2. High frequency and large propagation loss

  3, crowded people, insufficient network capacity, signal instability

In short, the network capacity limits the user experience.

From the 5G requirements for antenna systems, the requirements for 5G multi-antennas are different from those for 4G multi-antennas. Compared with 4G 3D-MIMO, 5G Massive MIMO antenna has the characteristics of stronger broadcast/control channel coverage and high spectral efficiency and high rate of traffic channels.

If the capacity of the channel is to be increased, the bandwidth of the channel is increased and the signal-to-noise ratio of the channel is increased to solve this problem. For the wireless communication network coverage part (the antenna part), in order to solve this problem, one must improve the spectrum utilization under the condition given by the bandwidth, and the second is to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the antenna.

5g antenna meeting

He conference also released the first calibration-grade base station antennas. The advent of calibration-grade base station antennas provides an effective tool and benchmark for evaluating and calibrating antenna measurement fields, effectively eliminating the deviation of test results between different antennas at different sites. It provides a basis for the unified antenna measurement standard and is a pioneering project for the development of China's mobile communication antenna industry. For the first time, it provides a quantitative benchmark for the performance comparison of mobile communication antenna measurement fields around the world, and it is also a huge industry contribution to cope with 5G communication as scheduled.

5G Antenna Meeting

The experts of the conference agreed that the 5G commercial is just around the corner, and the step-by-step innovation of antenna RF technology is the basic premise of 5G commercial. In addition, after entering the 5G era, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks will continue to coexist for a long time, and spectrum utilization, surface sharing, and antenna integration will be major issues. Therefore, industry experts believe that multi-band, multi-mode and multi-network antenna fusion, device integration and resource sharing are effective solutions for future antenna and RF technologies. How to achieve these effective solutions requires the cooperation of the industry. This is the original intention of the China Communications Society to establish the Antenna and Radio Frequency Technical Committee, and jointly promote the development of the antenna and RF industry, and play a good role in promoting the 5G communication business.

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