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DAS Antenna,WIFI/Wlan Antenna, RFID Antenna, Multi Beam Antenna, Camouflage Antenna, Street Station Antenna,TD-LTE Smart Antenna, Stadium Antenna ,Quasi Omni Antenna, MIMO Ultra Thin Ceiling Antenna, Multi Beam Antenna,5G Missive MIMO Antenna etc.technology is used in mass production.

Eahison as one of the influential antenna manufacturers in China, Eahison antennas have the advantages of versatility, multi-band multiple ports, high gain, low standing wave, low side lobe, low cross polarization, wide coverage and so on. Today, antennas have been widely used in mobile communications, urban transportation, military, radar, navigation, satellite, meteorology, car networking, Internet of things, remote interactive teaching, remote ultrasound, UAV remote sensing Patrol line, wireless virtual benefit projection and other fields.

Antenna has become the dominant field of high-paying technology industry. In 2019, 5G pre-commercial will be realized, and commercial scale will begin to be launched in 2020. From the perspective of the development of mobile communication, ''5G changes society'' 6G will change society to a greater extent than 5G - The Internet of Everything begins at 5G and further flourishes at 6G. The strategic importance of 6G will certainly be greater than 5G.

Starting from the 3G era, China's mobile communications industry, adhere to independent innovation, in TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE all the way mainstay endeavour, so far to achieve 5G among the world's first camp, for the early layout of 6G laid a certain foundation.

Our R&D team will achieve market demand in 2025 terahertz (Tera Hertz THz) millimeter wave antenna and intelligent technology terminal antenna application

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