About The Base Station

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  • Date:07/18/2019

As the largest number of mobile communication devices, base stations are almost everywhere.


What is “Base Station”?

Generally referred to as "public mobile communication base station"
Everyone knows that the base station is to provide signals to the mobile phone.

In the 2G, 3G era
The base station is divided into two layers
As shown below


In the 4G LTE era
Two layers are reduced to one layer
Become a separate eNodeB


Mobile communication base station is mainly a directional panel antenna
and also has an omnidirectional antenna.
We often see it on the tower
But it is not the antenna of the base station!
It is a microwave antenna

Sometimes, the base station is relatively remote,
The signal will be sent to the telecommunications equipment elsewhere by microwave.
Emergency communication vehicles also generally have microwaves
(because it has no fixed line)
Base stations, there are large base stations, and small base stations.

A large base station is called a macro base station.

A small base station is called a micro base station.

Except macro base station and micro base station

To solve the problem of signal coverage at lower cost

There is also a common device - repeater


Here's a repeater.


The repeater is mainly cheap, and the cost is much lower than that of a base station.
Base stations are developing towards miniaturization
On the one hand, it's because it doesn't take up space (saving rent = saving money)
On the other hand, it also saves energy and environmental protection (saving electricity = saving money)
The final deployment is more convenient and fast (saving labor = saving money)
If miniaturized
It's the combination of BBU and RRU.
Or RRU and antenna feed
Or, BBU, RRU and Tianfei are combined.
In a word, the trend of base station development is as small as it can be.
Different operators have different base stations. If you want to distinguish, you have to go to the next step.

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