Ceiling Mounted Multi Beam Stadium Antenna


Ceiling Mounted Multi Beam Stadium Antenna

This antenna is intended for fixing to the roofs of stadiums to deal with situations of extreme traffic density. It contain a wideband
square arrays covering 1710 to 2690 MHz that produces 4 dual polarized square footprint on the crowd with a sharp cutoff at the edges
of coverage so that spill-over into neighbouring cells is minimised.
Compare with the conventional ceiling mounted stadium antenna,

this antenna can divide the original 1 squared cell to 4 squared cells that allows 4 times frequency reuse in the specified area, also the gain of this new antenna is 7 dB higher than the conventional antenna, therefore the network capacity and data through output would be dramatically increased by using this antenna.--180X80cm-New-Multi-Beam-Antennas-_02_1

Eahison -  Stadium Antenna(2x2 Beam)



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