China's first subway to achieve 5G signal coverage of three operators

  • Source: eahison
  • Date:05/22/2019


The higher coverage frequency of the frequency band is smaller, the transmission loss of the feeder is large, and the devices such as the combiner do not support the new 5G frequency band, and the upgrade and expansion are complicated... We all know that indoor coverage is a major challenge in the 5G era. As a special kind of indoor scene, the subway faces more challenges. For example, the tunnel effect and the vehicle body penetration loss cause wireless signal attenuation. The installation space of the equipment on both sides of the tunnel is limited. The existing leaky cable does not support the 3.5GHz frequency band. The loss is large.

What if the three operators share the deployment? There is no doubt that the challenge is even bigger.

These difficulties have been overcome!

On May 13th, China Tower joined China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom to jointly realize the 5G coverage verification of the first three operators in Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 in Henan. After testing, the average download rate of subway stations reached 700Mbps. In the above, the download rate in the car during the tunnel is 630Mbps (double cable deployment and more than 1Gbps can be achieved after four cables are deployed).


It is reported that China Railway Tower set up a special project team as early as the fourth quarter of 2018, and paralleled many leading manufacturers in the industry to carry out research and development of 5G new products and new solutions. After repeated demonstration and optimization by the project team, it has successively innovated and proposed a new type. A series of new products such as the subway E station, the new type of 2.6 GHz full-band combiner, the new 5/4 leaky subway tunnel 5G coverage scheme and the new 4T4R logarithmic period antenna subway tunnel 5G coverage scheme The technical solution is the first in the world to overcome the major technical problems in the industry that the “traditional 13/8” leaky cable subway coverage solution cannot support 5G coverage in the 3.5GHz band, and at the same time solve the current three operators’ faces in the shared deployment of subway scenarios. Such as "the combined equipment does not support the 5G frequency band", "the subway coverage has no mature experience", "the subway station is difficult to deploy micro stations" and so on.


▲5G mobile full-band POI upgrade module solution


As an important means of transportation in modern society, urban rail transit carries hundreds of millions of people's daily traffic and becomes a "new data explosion point" for information communication.


The successful implementation and verification of the 5G coverage plan of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 provides a real and reliable reference for the follow-up of 5G construction of metros in China and around the world. On the basis of the 5G coverage verification data, accelerate the formulation of technical specifications and standard construction plans for 5G subway coverage related products, and effectively guide the construction of 5G subway lines nationwide. Believe in the near future, China's subway can achieve 5G signal coverage.

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