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  • Date:06/05/2019

Eahison as one of the influential antenna manufacturers in China, Eahison antennas have the advantages of versatility, multi-band multiple ports, high gain, low standing wave, low side lobe, low cross polarization, wide coverage and so on. Today, antennas have been widely used in mobile communications, urban transportation, military, radar, navigation, satellite, meteorology, car networking, Internet of things, remote interactive teaching, remote ultrasound, UAV remote sensing Patrol line, wireless virtual benefit projection and other fields.


As an antenna manufacturers, we have excellent R&D team and advanced das antenna equipment. We are 5g small cell antenna manufacturers,we can also design wifi antenna and accept custom antenna design.

The base station antenna is developed along with network communication, and engineers design different antennas according to network requirements. Therefore, in the past few generations of mobile communication technologies, antenna technology has also been evolving.

Therefore, in 2019, we used the base station antenna as the main product of our transformation.
From the experience of cooperation and exchange between mobile communication companies in the past few years, there are two major trends in base station antennas in the future.

The first is from passive antennas to active antenna systems. The second trend is the systematic and complex antenna design.


From passive antennas to active antenna systems

This means that the antenna may be intelligent, miniaturized (co-designed), and customized.

Because the future of the network will become more and more detailed, we need to customize the design according to the surrounding scenes, for example, the station in the urban area will be more elaborate, rather than simple coverage. 5G communication will use high frequency bands, obstacles will have a great impact on communication, and customized antennas can provide better network quality.

Systematization and complication of antenna design

For example, beam array (implementing space division multiplexing), multi-beam and multi/high frequency bands. These all place high demands on the antenna, which will involve the entire system and compatibility issues. In this case, the antenna technology has surpassed the concept of components and gradually entered the design of the system.

The evolution of antenna technology: from the single array of antennas, to multiple arrays to multiple units, from passive to active systems, from simple MIMO to massive MIMO systems, from simple fixed beams to multiple beams.

In the future, the antenna must be designed together with the system instead of being designed separately. It can even be said that the antenna will become a bottleneck of 5G. If the bottleneck is not broken, the signal processing on the system cannot be realized, so the antenna has become a 5G mobile communication system. Key technology. An antenna is not just a radiator. It has filtering characteristics, amplification, and suppression of interference signals. It does not require energy to achieve gain, so the antenna is more than just a device.


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