How to boost tv antenna signal homemade

  • Source: eahison
  • Date:11/30/2018

An antenna is a transducer that transforms a guided wave propagating on a transmission line into an electromagnetic wave propagating in an unbounded medium (usually free space), or vice versa. A component used in a radio device to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. Engineering systems such as radio communication, broadcasting, television, radar, navigation, electronic countermeasures, remote sensing, radio astronomy, etc., all use electromagnetic waves to transmit information, relying on antennas to work.


Base station antenna, a street station antenna, small cell antenna, internet of things antenna, camouflage antenna are all the common antenna in the life.

The TV antenna is the easiest antenna for us to understand. When the signal received by our TV is weak, we need to strengthen the signal strength of the TV antenna. Here are a few ways to boost TV signal, I hope to be useful for everyone.


  1. Block the heart of the pot with a CD or aluminum pad to enhance the 3% signal.
  2. C head plus Iraqi cans, according to the short C head (no effect found).
  3. Adding the source plate or the homemade yoke ring, the signal quality is obviously improved by 15%.
  4. One pot and more stars are added to the aluminum sheet, and the signal quality of the 10x10 aluminum sheet is increased by 3% on the side of the high-frequency head.
  5. Sticking the bright aluminum foil to the pot surface can also increase the signal (not tested).
  6. Add wings to the pot, add CD or 20x20cm aluminum, the signal quality is obviously improved by 15%, and must be consistent with the pot curvature.
  7. There is an adjustable resistor in the receiver, which can be used to enhance the signal (not tested).


       8.Reverse polarization reception, the high-frequency head rotates 90 degrees, the receiver polarization setting is reversed, and the signal can be improved.

       9.KU head in the main collapsed pot on the main, add the wave tube to increase the signal 7%, but also the KU head is well placed on the source clip, add the self-made source disk to increase the signal by 10%, the source disk diameter needs 7 Cm can be used, the head is too tight or can not be placed when the extension can be solved by the waveguide, (the waveguide can be bent and received, depending on the environment in which it is placed).

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