How to Place the Antenna of Router

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  • Date:01/12/2019

In this era of network information, antennas have an important position. There are various antenna products on the market, base station antenna, street station antenna (directional antenna, ceiling antenna, panel antenna, log periodic antenna), small cell antenna, internet of things antenna, and wifi antenna. Their goal is to achieve signal coverage.

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In today's era of broadband access, every household must have installed routers. The existence of routers has brought us great convenience over the years. I believe that every reader wants his router to stay bloody all the time. Next, the author will teach you how to maintain the most commonly used routers in our lives. You should know that home routers on the market today usually have many antennas. Some routers have only two antennas, others have three antennas, and even one router has four antennas. So how can we put so many different numbers of router antennas in order to maximize their role?

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First, let's see how we can place our router antenna.

1. If your router has only two antennas, then you can set one of the antennas to be approximately 90 degrees vertically, and the other side to tilt at an angle of 60 degrees.

2. If it is three antennas, first erect the antenna in the middle and erect the other two.The antenna is directly pressed down and paralleled;

3. If you have four antennas in your router, you can put the two antennas in the middle equally upright, and the other two antennas are placed equally parallel and overwhelmed on both sides.

The above points are several common antenna placement methods, which can maximize our WiFi signal and make the router network faster

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Second, an important maintenance place is the socket at the back of the router. Since there is no socket connection sometimes, it is easy to drop dust and enter the inside of the router, but this does not mean that we need to use water to clean the interface directly. If we want to maintain this interface, the most important thing is to use alcohol, but not other liquids. With the volatilization of alcohol, we can clean the interface quite well. Maybe some friends don't have alcohol in their homes now, so it's okay to use high-concentration liquor, but you can't use low-concentration liquor, which is very easy to cause damage to internal components because of high moisture content. .


The last important maintenance method is that the home daily router should not let it stay connected, and sometimes it is a good choice to let the router take a break. The best option is for the router to have at least two breaks in a month. Properly shutting down the router not only cleans up the internal cache of the router, it makes it run more smoothly, but also makes our network speed faster.

In summary, the methods described above can make our routers better maintained. If you need to make your home router work longer, remember to use these tips. Thanks for reading!

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