Longbo Lens Dialysis

  • Source: eahison
  • Date:08/08/2019

The F-35 stealth fighter has always been the object of the United States and its allies. According to foreign media reports, on May 22, the Israeli military first recognized the F-35 fighters involved in the attack on Syrian military targets. However, at present, the Russian-Syrian coalition forces have not responded, and the reason is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Perhaps, the F-35 fighter did not participate in the war; perhaps, the F-35 fighter had excellent stealth performance, and the Russian-style air defense system was not found. For today's advanced fighters, excellent stealth performance is the key to its success. However, sometimes for stealth fighters, the stealth fighters should be properly "appeared". Therefore, on many occasions we have seen that the trend-setting advanced stealth fighters are equipped with a very special equipment: Longbo lens. Want to find out? Please listen to Wang Jiangyan, a lecturer at the Air Force NCO School of the Air Force Engineering University.


The Longbo lens is an ellipsoidal multi-faceted refractive lens partially coated with a metal reflective layer. It can converge electromagnetic waves of a specific wavelength incident and then reflect back along the direction of the original ray. Due to the focusing characteristics of the Longbo lens to the plane beam, when the radar wave passes through the lens, the radar reflection cross-sectional area of the lens is much larger than its physical section. Therefore, the most widely used application of the Longbo lens is as a radar reflector to improve the radar cross-sectional area of the radar.


In fact, several 90-degree iron pieces can form a simple corner reflector, which can greatly improve the radar reflection cross-sectional area. Corner reflectors are widely used on ships and on land. Since a few pieces of iron can be fixed, why should we use more complicated Longbo lenses on advanced fighters?


This is because, compared to the general corner reflector, the Longbo lens is small in size and light in weight, which can reduce the wind resistance and does not affect the flight quality of the fighter. In addition, the reflection effect of the Longbo lens is good, the side lobes and the back lobes are small, and the pattern is good. Most of the radars currently in use have poor detection capabilities for advanced stealth fighters, which is a good thing for improving the viability of stealth fighters. However, when stealth fighters are flying in their own airspace, dangerous airborne accidents can occur if they are not detected by air or ground radar. Therefore, it is necessary to add a Longbo lens to enhance the radar reflection cross-sectional area of the stealth fighter, thereby facilitating monitoring by air and ground radar.


In addition, the stealth fighter mounts the Longbo lens to improve the radar reflection cross-sectional area, and there is another layer of more important role: the false truth - by releasing false information, the outside world cannot obtain the true radar signal characteristics of the stealth fighter. This is especially important in wartime. Mounting the Lung Bo lens, on the one hand, can protect the real signal of the stealth fighter from being leaked, and on the other hand can avoid being tested by the other party as an anti-stealth target. In the wartime, you must remove the Longbo lens to ensure that the fighter has no good trace performance.


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