Mobile World Congress—February 2018 Spain Exhibition

  • Source: EAHISON
  • Date:03/02/2018

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The GSMA  Association is one of the three international organizations in the international mobile communications community. It’s member include more than 750 mobile communication operator and 220 equipment manufacturers in 2018 countries and region. The "International Mobile Conference" sponsored by the GSMA Association is one of the world's most influential fairs focused on mobile communication.

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The convergence of the 5G standard is also a general trend. Looking back at the history of the development of the communications industry, there are two GSM and CDMA technology standards worldwide in the 2G era; four in the 3G era, namely WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA and Wimax; 4G has evolved into an LTE standard with both FDD and TDD In this system, the technology of more than 90% of the two systems is the same.

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This year, we can see a lot of famous companies such as Fiberhome, SingTel and Korea Telecom. With 5G development, telecommunication becomes a very important topic in the last few years. More importantly, Eahison will be investing a lot of resources to build brand reputation this year and the determination for international market will be our target for future grow.

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Through this participation in the Spanish Mobile World Congress, Eahison has further enhanced its brand influence and popularity, further deepened its understanding of our company's overall strength and technological innovation level, and further promoted cooperation between our customers and our company. The development of the market has formed a good brand environment.

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