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  • Date:06/27/2019



The "Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019"hosted by the GSMA Association will be held in Shanghai, China on the week of June 26, 2019.

The World Mobile Congress is a comprehensive large-scale exposition, which mainly includes exhibitions in frontier fields, thought-provoking conference activities, rule change development programs, and benefiting exchange experiences. The purpose is to create a mobile operator group in Asia and The event is the focus of the top event. The World Mobile Congress (Shanghai) exhibition, focusing on the mobile industry executives in the Asian region, gathers many professional consumers to explore the future trend of the mobile industry.


The antenna products exhibited by the company at this exhibition include: multi-frequency multi-port base station antenna, multi-standard composite base station antenna; 5G small cell antenna. Multi-beam antenna series, stereo multi-beam antenna series, shaped antenna series, stereo-shaped antenna series, indoor distributed antenna series, repeater antenna series, base station antenna series.


In this exhibition, the company exhibited the most advanced antenna products with R&D technical strength - Longbo lens multi-beam antenna (2~48 beams) Longbo lens antenna is a new antenna form studied in new material technology, and Compared with common antenna technology, it has great advantages. In the direction of technology research and development, Eahison once again broke through the high-level technical research and development bottleneck and obtained various invention patents.

Longbo lens advantage:     

High gain: increase coverage or reduce transmit power (gain 21DB, power 0.25W*8=4W)

Light weight: 20KG/set for easy installation and maintenance

Module reduction: only 1/4 of large-scale array antenna (Massive MIMO), effectively reducing equipment costs

Reduced power consumption: device modules are reduced, power is naturally reduced, less than 1/100 of Massive MIMO

The efficiency is improved: the efficiency of the lens is 90%, and the MASSIVE MIMO is only 60%, which simplifies the feed network and has higher radiation efficiency. It has been explored by the communication industry and the technology has become a new bright spot in the market application field. .  


The antenna frequency covers a variety of antennas from 350MHz to 6GHz, and the 5G-based devices provide better and more solutions for the world's wireless communication operators and equipment vendors.


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