“Wandering earth” Millimeter wave communication technology

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  • Date:05/24/2019

In 2075, due to the rapid aging of the sun, the earth was in danger of being swallowed up. At that time, humans decided to implement the Wandering Earth program, which is to force the world to build tens of thousands of engines and steering engines on the surface of the earth to push the earth out of the solar system.

   How can communication be guaranteed in the environment of the wandering earth?!

  1. Is the base station still in use?

In the process of stopping the rotation, the earth has experienced various natural disasters. The surface is ridiculous and the temperature is minus tens of degrees. It does not say whether the base station can work normally in this environment. The humans on the earth only live in the underground city, the underground city. They are far apart, and if distributed communication is still used, it is a waste of resources.

  2. How do people on Earth communicate?

There is no environment on the ground to support human communication, so look into the universe.

Although the earth is manpower, space technology is developed, so it is still very simple to send several satellites.


On the ground, a fixed communication station is placed under each planetary engine, allowing the communication station to send information to the satellites that surround the Earth's surface. The satellite then forwards the information to the communication station in another planetary engine, then the long-distance communication Realize it.


  3. What is the relationship with millimeter waves?

Satellite communication is a type of radio communication in which sound, text, images, and data are modulated on electromagnetic waves and transmitted to the earth to realize information exchange between the two.

The millimeter wave is a kind of electromagnetic wave and refers to an electromagnetic wave having a frequency of 30 GHz to 300 GHz and a corresponding wavelength of 1 mm to 10 mm.

  4. Why use millimeter waves?

   (1) The bandwidth is large, the capacity is large, the transmission rate is fast in the high-frequency band, and the spectrum resources are abundant; if a small segment is randomly allocated, a large frequency band can be obtained, and how to divide it is how to divide it.


(Frequency. Electricity. Microwave. Micron wave. Visible light.X-ray. broadcast. Infrared. Ultraviolet light. Gamma ray)

The frequency range is large, the number of channels included is also increased, the number of signals that can be passed is increased, and the transmission rate naturally increases.


(Channel. Signal. Frequency)


The instant messaging system in the movie has very high requirements on rate and delay, millimeter wave bandwidth and fast data transmission rate, which makes cross-language real-time communication become a reality.

   (2) The frequency is high, the wavelength is short; the communication equipment primary school physics students know this formula, c = λf

The speed of light c is fixed. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength λ and the shorter the wavelength, which means that the antenna size is smaller.


(C: speed of light and the speed of light in a vacuum is 30W KM/S, which is a constant value) λ: is the wavelength  f: is the frequency


With the short wavelength of the millimeter wave, the receiving device can be made small and easy to carry.

For example, on the sleeve of the ground protective clothing, a small communication device with a screen is implanted, which is equivalent to a portable satellite mobile phone, which is convenient for people on the ground to directly communicate with the space station and the underground city when leaving the underground city.


  (3) The beam is narrow and the side lobes are low.When the signal with good confidentiality is transmitted toward the main beam, the radiation in the main beam direction is the strongest, but the side lobes are generated in the direction other than the main beam, so if the side lobes are relatively high, It will be detected by other radars.


The millimeter wave beam is narrow and the side lobes are low, which reduces the probability of its interception.

Therefore, the communication between the ground and the space station can be said to be very safe, and the ultra-high communication confidentiality is guaranteed in the information war with the rebel army.

  (4) The wandering earth environment solves many problems for millimeter wave communication. Due to the high frequency of millimeter waves, the diffraction ability is poor, and it is easy to be blocked, reflected and refracted by buildings and human bodies. Satellite communication is used, and space stations and satellites are at a distance from the ground. At an altitude of 10,000 kilometers, there is basically no obstacle to communication with the earth station. Millimeter waves are heavily attenuated by rain, causing a short distance when propagating in a normal global environment. Rainwater is formed by the condensation of high-altitude cold air on the surface. Basically, no water vapor can be volatilized to high altitude, so millimeter waves can transmit information with confidence.


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