Why did your cell phone signal suddenly get worse

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  • Date:01/08/2019

After the construction of the network,

The communications engineers of Eahsion antenna manufacturers will continuously monitor, maintain, repair and optimize the network 24 hours a day.

No signal in your home for several days due to network failure

Eahsion base station antenna engineers promise,

It is absolutely not allowed to happen!

We must always be assessed for fault repair and timely rate.

Once there is a problem with the network, it is required to be resolved in minutes.

If your family has no signal for a few days,

We were fired long ago

Therefore, I decided to popularize science.

Why did your cell phone signal suddenly get worse?

When the base station meets the rapid urban construction,

This is the tragedy of a cell phone signal...

cell phone signal

Poor antenna, cell phone signal imprisoned

Is this antenna to cover the opposite VIP customer? That's not the truth

Microwave transmission in urban areas is really risky.

base station antenna


The storm has blown the antenna,

Will also affect your cell phone signal


You don't even know what the owner has done for those base station antennas.

Until the backstage communication is half-tormented by deteriorating network performance metrics

Mobile phone signals are transmitted by radio waves. They are fragile and sensitive, susceptible to interference, and attenuate very quickly when transmitting. Building block is the biggest killer of mobile phone signals.

If the base station antenna is blocked by the building, just as the light bulb in your home is not covered by light, the wifi antenna signal is certainly not good.


Therefore, if the signal in your home suddenly deteriorates, you can first observe whether there are new buildings around to block the base station signal, please do not rush to complain, let alone blame the network.

At this time, the communication engineers must be more anxious than you. They are implementing the relocation of the base station, but this requires relocation, design, planning and construction, and the communication engineering environment is complex, the coordination unit is too many, and often encounter some uncertain factors. It takes time to change the site and plan design. Please understand! 

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